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Now, listen real closely, because looking like a pimp is the most important step in your journey to pimpdom. People will never know that you're a pimp unless you look like one. You want to look like you're ready to do anything or anyone. Alright now, the first thing that you're gonna need is a pimpin' hairdo. You need a cool hairdo: something that says "Hey, Im a pimp. Would you like to do it doggy style with me?". Personally, I recommend the afro. I used to sport it during my golden years. The perm or corn rows work well too. Sideburns are a necessity. Nothing says pimp like some big sideburns. And, no, mullets and ponytails are NOT acceptable.

After you've got the hairdo down, you need to pick up some big pimpin' threads. Fur coats work best. Its physically impossible to not score when wearing a fur coat. Unless you're Tony Danza. Under the fur coat, put on a disco shirt, some skin-tight flares, and approximately 4.8 pounds of jewelry. Top it all off with some nice leather boots, and you'll be a pimp in no time. But dressing like a pimp isn't all there is to it. Move on to step 2.


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