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Courtesy of Gordon Jenkins

How you doin', sweet thang? My name's John Shaft, and I'll be your host tonight. Welcome to "How to be a Pimp", the exclusive online guide that tells you how to be a pimp. Follow these eight easy steps and you'll be big pimpin' in no time. I'll tell you how to do all of the pimp shit - everything from how to slap a hoe like a pimp to how to order chinese food like a pimp. But, first, there are a few requirements. One, you gotta be the man. Not A man, but THE man. Two, you gotta have a 'fro. Three, no republicans allowed. Oh, and if you know the name of more than one backstreet boy, please vacate the premises. Alright then. Grab your cane, mack daddy, because we're goin' pimpin'.

Start on step one (below) and work your way up, baby.


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